Robotic Cleaner YEJEN 3071-1 with Drop-Sensing Technology, Vacuum and Sweeper for Hard floor and Low-Pile Carpet, HEPA-Style Filter&Mopping Function – Cleaning Robot(Classic Edition)

YEJEN Robotic is a clever cleaner and a great helper able to release your hands from housework and simplify your life

2.9 Inches Slim body
Climbs smoothly over multi floors.The robot can easily pass through step with a height of around 15mm.
The height profile is perfect from getting under the couch, chairs and beds for cleaning up the dust bunnies

Thorough Cleaning
3 steps cleaning – sweep, vacuum and mop. Two side brushes sweep the dust, the vacuum port sucks the dust,
and the mop leaves a clean floor behind

Detective Sensors
3 Infrared-sensors sensing step height to avoid falling.
This means you can leave your vacuum cleaner working in the house while you are away,
without worrying it may drop off the stairs, When you return home you will find your floor perfectly clean.

Detachable Dustbox
With 0.15L dustbox holds dirts per clean and easy to remove or install in the robot cleaner.

For multi floor types
Apply to different floors: low carpet within height of 1cm, hardwood, ceramic tiles for home, hotel room and office.

Quite Design
The noise level is under 60DB ,this floor vacuum cleaner will definitely neither interrupt your work nor you, while doing other activity

New technology
Unlike the other lithium battery , ours has a PCB borad installed on the battery to protect it from any safety problem.

Working Mode
1.Press the button for one time to enter the small room mode(30Mins),and the LED indicator shows blue
2.Press the button twice to enter the large room mode(60mins), the LED indicator flashes blue while the robotic cleaner is in working.

Product Specification
Front panel with power button
Input Voltage & Frequency: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
Power Rating:10W
Charging Time: 3-5hours
Working Mode: ON / OFF

Product Features

  • ★CLEAN BY ITSELF: Anti-collision bumper makes it safe to use on automatic mode. It will work on it’s own and clean the floor perfectly while you can have your time for yourself.
  • ★ EASILY TO CLEAN:Detachable dust collection box is easy to remove or install in cleaner ,with good quality of mop towel at bottom. you can either vacuum or mop the floor at the same time. It won’t miss any pet hairs or small paper on your floor.
  • ★LONGER BATTERY LIFE AND HIGHER SUCTION POWER: Advanced Li-battery gives long lifespan to the product to work, vacuum speed can reach 11000 RPM/MIIN , 1 KPA super power suction ,Sensors in the bottom allows the robot to sense barriers and stairs and adjust its route timely
  • ★ PERFECT FOR ROOMS WITH THINNER DESIGN:It has excellent cleaning ability on every floor type, (such as hard floors, tiles, marble, short carpet etc.) it makes it the perfect cleaning assistant. Great for cleaning up hair, dirt, and small debris. With its slim body it can get under your bed and sofa for thorough cleaning.
  • ★What You Get:YEJEN vacuum cleaner(requires 18650 batteries, INCLUDED),AC power adaptor,2 side brushes,1 Rectangle mopping board,1 Rectangle mopping cloth,2 filters