Robot Vacuum Cleaner – 1400pa Powerful Robotic Vacuum Cleaner With 4 Cleaning Modes Customizable Cleaning Schedule 360° Anti-Collision & Drop Sensor Protection Auto Charging Robot Vacuum For All Floor

The cleaning work is A800 robot vacuum cleaner, and the clean environment belongs to you. As a new type of floor and carpet cleaning equipment designed in the modern environment, the A800 robot vacuum cleaner uses a rechargeable battery as a power source, which is a combination of cleaning and vacuuming functions, suitable for office buildings, conference rooms, homes and other places. The power of the A800 vacuum cleaner is good for pet hair, carpets, hard floors to make the surroundings cleaner.

Powerful Suction

Powerful and automatically adjustable suction power, worked with dual side cleaning brushes ensure an effortless, thorough clean in multiple cleaning modes and auto-clean scheduling.

4 Cleaning Modes & Smart Efficient Design

2.75 inch slim design enable this vacuum cleaner working under bed. Whether auto cleaning, spot, edge or single-room modes, you can schedule the vacuum cleaner and have it return to its dock for recharge before the battery runs its 90-minute course.

Large Anti-Spill Dustbin

A larger 1L dustbin allows A800 robot vacuum cleaner to pick up more dirt,and easily take out to clean up. Clean your house with the click of a button.

Triple-Filter System

Sponge, primary and high-efficiency filter effectively trap dust and reduce the amount released back into the air to achieve a better clean for your home. Regardless of human hair, dog, cat, or another pet hair is very easy to clean, giving you ahealthy living environment.


1x Robot Vacuum Cleaner

1x Charging Dock

1x Remote Control (AAA battery x 2 )

1x Power Adaptor

1x Rolling Brush

2x Side Brush (Additional )

1x Sponge Filter (Additional )

1x Cleaning Tool

1x User Manual & Quick Start Guide

Product Features

  • PREMIUM PERFORMANCE – The amarey A800 robot vacuum cleaner adopts 360°Anti-Collision and intelligent drop sensor safety technology with anti-scratch glass top cover for protection. It shows the methodical, excellent navigation and outstanding cleaning performance. Brilliant connectivity by intelligent remote controls, auto vacuum cleaner provides strong suction 1400Pa both on floors and carpet, with the maximum run-time 100 minutes, noise level is less than 58 dB.
  • ULTRA-THIN DESIGN & ENLARGED CLEANING – The ultra-thin robot vacuum cleaner A800 is very different from the traditional robot vacuum. After optimizing the height and thickness of each part, it is re-integrated and arranged to avoid stacking parts. Its 2.75IN low-profile body means the A800 robotic vacuum could work under furniture and chairs along with every nook, cranny and sticky mat. It could easily drill into small gaps in the TV cabinet, sofa, and bed.
  • SMART CLEANING FOR YOU – A smart clean to a schedule lets you control everything. 1400Pa suction force strongly to seamlessly clean from all floor to medium-pile carpet, and A800 robot vacuum cleaner could cooperate with 4 kinds of cleaning modes: automatic, point, side, single room to easy cleaning for a spotlessly clean home. Save your time and enjoy life with an automatic robot vacuum cleaner, schedule & customize cleaning preferences with remote control.
  • UPGRADED 3-POINT CLEANING SYSTEM – Triple filter (washable Pre-filter/ Sponge/ High-efficiency filter), dual side brushes, and powerful suction ensure a thorough clean. That design of our A800 robot vacuum cleaner could easily clean life’s various messes, different floors, evenly cleaned, whether it is flooring, marble, carpet. Meanwhile, for animal hair, the human hair is easily cleaned, effectively preventing the spread of bacteria, giving the home a healthy and space-purifying environment.
  • HIGH-CAPACITY BATTERY & AUTO CHARGING – The A800 robot vacuum cleaner seeks automatically the charging dock after it is finished or on low battery, built-in rechargeable battery allows for 100 minutes of cleaning before returning to the electric charger. Powered by a 2600mAh high-capacity Li-ion battery the vacuum cleaner supports up to 100 minutes of quiet but powerful suction cleaning. The input voltage and frequency is 100-120V AC 50/60Hz, which is suitable for all household or public places.