Rainbow Vacuum Accessories Premium Attachments By Zvac for Homes with Dogs & Cats Using Rainbow Rexair Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaners Fits All Rainbow Vacuums D4, E4, E2, E2 Black & All Others.

Made by ZVac – Designed to fit ALL Rainbow vacuums including the newest E2 Black edition! These attachments developed in America by ZVac for homes with dogs and cats, this is the ultimate attachment kit to transform any Rainbow vacuum cleaner into a ZVac Pet Edition cleaning machine… it’s next level cleaning!

Pet hair, fur, dander, dust bunnies caused by dogs, cats, puppies, kittens- are all a thing of the past with this ZVac Pet Edition attachment kit for Rainbow vacuums!

This ZVac Pet Edition attachment kit for the Rainbow water vacuum includes 3 attachments that are your vacuum cleaners best friends!

First is a hand turbo nozzle that’s designed for cleaning embedded pet hair and fur from furniture such as sofas, chairs and beds. The ZVac hand turbo also zips up your stairs with ease and is great for the heavy traffic areas that are hard to vacuum. The roller brush spins based off the powerful suction from your Rainbow vacuum cleaner.

Next is a larger version of the hand turbo that’s designed for area rugs. This ZVac area rug turbo is gentle enough for delicate rugs that have embedded pet hair, fur, dirt and debris. Use this ZVac rug turbo nozzle when you want light agitation, but don’t want to use the power nozzle that’s included with the Rainbow vacuum.

Last there’s the bookcase brush. Pet hair, dust and fur tumbleweeds are no match for this ZVac brush that’s used on all surfaces from your television to your counter top.

This kit is made by ZVac to be used on all models of Rainbow water vacuums including the new E4 Black / E2 Black, E2 Gold, E2 Silver, D4, SE, D4SE & all older models!

Note: ZVac is a registered trademark of GoVacuum. GoVacuum is in no way affiliated with the Rainbow Rexair company. Rainbow is a trademark of Rexair. GoVacuum is not affiliated with Rexair.

Product Features

  • Designed specifically for the Rainbow Vacuums & Fits ALL models including Rexair, Rainbow e4, Rainbow e2 black, Rainbow e4 black, Rainbow e2 gold, Rainbow e2, Rainbow d4, Rainbow SE & ALL other Rainbow vacuum cleaner models.
  • With or without pets this kit will transform the way you clean & fits all Rainbow vacuums!
  • ZVac Pet edition kit contains: hand turbo nozzle, area rug turbo nozzle & bookcase dust brush.
  • Perfect for homes with pet fur, pet hair, people hair, dust bunnies or kids! Developed for homes with dogs, puppies, cats, kittens or other pets!
  • Made by ZVac (Zvac is a registered trademark of GoVacuum) – designed & developed in America!