Michelangelo, ARO-400M Cycleone vacuum, Adjustable length with extension stick

Michelangelo ARO-400M Cyclone Vacuum MONSTER99

Long in reach for Extension Pipe
User Convenient – Ergonomic handle design and efficient button location
One-touch dust bin emptying – use a transparent dust bin to check the amount of dust easily
180 degree Pivot brush – Clean every corners of the house
4 Stage Filtration with HEPA filter – External cyclone dust separator, Internal cyclone dust collector, Sponge Filter system, HEPA filter system

Material : ABS, etc
Rated Voltage : 220V~/60Hz, 400W
Dimensions : 140 x 305 x 230 mm
Weight : 2.7kg
Made in : China
Manufacturer : Suzhou Su-vac Electric Appliances Co.Ltd