LEAJIA Car Vacuum Cleaner High Power 4 In 1 Dry & Wet Stainless Steel Inflatable Pump Lighting Pressure Suction , gold

1, suction flow: 12 or more mmHg
2, input power: DC 12V
3, power: 100W
4, the power cord length: 4.5 meters.
1, the DC12V power plug into the car cigarette lighter.
2, the use of the vacuum cleaner handle on the power switch to the ON position, when not in use when the power switch to the OFF position.
3, the wider use of space wide mouth, the space is relatively narrow use of straight mouth, suction seats below the dust also need to put on the hose to increase the length.
4, keep the bag clean and clean.
5, the use of the inlet should be flat on the ground, in order to achieve better results.
6, the power switch in front of the front shell device key, press down to remove the front shell, the use of finished should be opened before the shell clean filter to extend the life, clean the filter, be sure to stay away from the eyes and ears.
7, the goods in the water and moisture, should pay attention to the front cover of the water pipe height (capacity), the height of the suction can not exceed the water pipe, (to be shut down before the cover to pour out the water or wet liquid and then re-installed before re-use ). Attachment: tip tip
1, moving this electrical appliances can not pull the power cord, easy to damage the electrical appliances;
2, in the course of the use of someone need to guard, do not let children play alone, so as to avoid danger;
3, the use of this product can not be surrounded by alcohol and other flammable materials.
4, the use of the filter must be installed.

Product Features

  • Powerful Wet/Dry 12V 100W Car Vacuum
  • Tire Inflator helps you inflate tires anytime anyhere
  • Tire Pressure Gauge prevents the over-inflation
  • Led Light assists dispelling the darkness.
  • High suction power vacuum makes it easy to clean water,pet hair,crumbs, sand, dust, dirt, cigarette ash and more other small things both solid material and liquids.