Karcher WV 50 Plus Window Vac, Streak-Free Shine

Window cleaning the intelligent way: the first Kärcher WV 50 plus window vacuum with extra spray bottle cleans without dripping dirty water and streaks. Ideal for all smooth surfaces. Quick and easy window cleaning. No more dripping dirty water when wiping surfaces. The WV 50 plus cleans windows hygienically without leaving streaks. The WV 50 plus is cordless which makes it easy to use and extremely versatile. Includes spray bottle, wiper attachment, microfibre pad and concentrated cleaning agent for brilliant cleaning results. The WV 50 Plus Power Squeegee includes the WV 50 cordless window vac and Karcher Microfiber Spray Bottle. The spray bottle is designed to evenly spray cleaning solution on any flat surface.

Product Features

  • Included Accessory: Spray Bottle with Detergent Sample
  • The PowerSqueegee Leaves Any Surface Squeaky Clean. Eliminates Streaks and Drips While Cleaning Windows and Other Flat Surfaces
  • Saves Effort, Time and Money. Light Weight and Easy to Use; Works Indoors and Outdoors. Cordless and Maintenance-Free. Long Lasting Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Eliminates the Need and Expense of Paper Towels While Delivering Better Cleaning Results.
  • Window cleaning is three times faster with the battery-powered window vac than with conventional methods.