Husky Dustpan for Central Vacuum Installation Kit

Complete floor inlet installation kit. This Husky do-it-yourself dustpan installation kit includes all the necessary parts for a typical floor inlet installation on any brand central vacuum system. Included parts: 1 dustpan floor inlet (white) 2 clamps 5.08 cm to 6.35 cm (2 in to 2.5 in) 1 45° spigot elbow (M-F) Handy flexible hose, 0.6 m (2 ft.) long, 5.08 cm (2 in) diameter for easy under cabinet installation

Product Features

  • Simply switch on/off with convenient footswitch and sweep dirt directly into central vacuum dustpan.
  • Floor inlet fits flush-mount in cabinet toekick or wall baseboard. Install in kitchen, bathroom, mudroom, etc