Housmile 12KPa Powerful Suction UV Sanitizing Vacuum Cleaner with Advanced HEPA Filtration and Concealed Telescopic Handle, Effectively Removes Dust Mite Matters, Bacteria, Viruses and Pollen

Housmile UV Anti-Dust Mites Cleaner –A Super Helper to far away from Dust mites
What should be emphasized is that it is a portable vacuum cleaner made by Housmile, which is made specifically for mattresses, sofas, pillows, curtains, rugs and carpets or anywhere that dust mites, bugs and bacteria can live.

Product Features

  • Unique Structural Design – 35 inches length concealed telescopic handle, good for carpet. And, compact shape is easy to store
  • Ultra Strong Suctions – Up to 12KPa, mainly eliminate dust mite matters, bacteria, viruses and pollen
  • UV Technology – 253.7nm UV Tube sterilization ensure high efficiency of killing mites: the rate of killing bed bugs, mites, microorganisms and bacteria is almost up to 99.7%
  • Advanced HEPA Filtration: The whole machine HEPA filtration captures 99.97 Percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns and releases the fresh air
  • Safety Guarantee – The 3 micro wheels are a safety feature of the Ultra Vac and are used to ensure the UV bulb is not activated by the user by accident. Tips: Never touch or look directly at the UV light when it is activated