Electrolux RugMaster Plus Electric Central Vacuum Powerhead By Electrolux by Eureka/Electrolux

*Generic non-branded Rugmaster Electric Powerhead with headlight – Full warranty coverage from manufacturer *2-prong current version powerhead plug. If you have the older design with 3-prong, contact customer support at 929.800.2980 *FREE SHIPPING, TAX FREE *Note: wands not included but can be offered separately. Powerhead specifications: * At 5,000 r.p.m. the beater bar provides optimal cleaning performance * Easy to reach under the beds, or furniture with a low profile and swivel neck configuration * Standard pigtail cord and two pronged polarity plug * Standard neck, will receive any standard 1 1/4″ round tapered chromed wand. This is not a quick-release neck and does not accept square plastic wands. * Edge cleaning design * Non-scratch set of four soft wheels * Soft wrap-around bumper to protect your baseboard and furniture * If you have wall-to-wall carpeting and for deep cleaning and grooming nothing beats Electric Powerhead

Product Features

  • Central Vacuum Rug Master Electric Powerhead with Metal Roller Brush
  • Accepts standard 1.25 inch Chromed Steel Button-lock Wand (Not included)
  • Standard 48 inch Supply Cord
  • Current version two pronged polarity plug (see picture for details)