Dust Daddy cleaning tools,Tripsky Dirt Dust Remover Brush Universal cleaner vacuum attachment, Cleaning Tools for Vents, Air conditioner, Computer, Keyboard, TV, Car, Crafts, Drawers (Dust Terminator)

Tripsky 2018 latest version dust Terminator brush cleaner dirt remover Universal Vacuum Attachment

Tripsky Universal Vacuum Attachment is most powerful portable spot cleaner attachment. It comes ready to use.
Simply connect it to the end of the vacuum cleaner hose, plug it in, turn it on and you’re ready to spot clean.
Use the Tripsky Universal Vacuum Attachment to clean areas that are difficult or hard to reach such as Vents, Air conditioner, keyboard, bathroom floor drain, Car, Crafts, Drawers, Plant, Rattan, Pet hair.
How It Works
Tripsky dust Terminator brush cleaner contains dozens of tiny suction tubes that pick up dust and dirt as they move. These suction tubes are flexible, so they’ll reach almost anywhere, including into an air vent or down a drain. Since they’re softer than hard plastic, they won’t cause damage to fragile objects while sucking up dust around them, and they’re small enough that they won’t automatically suck up tiny objects.

Package Include:
1* Dozens of tiny suction hoses
1* Vacuum cleaner adapter

Small Enough: you can transport it in your car or even on a bus.
Attractive Design: in a color combination of blue, white, black and silver, which are common vacuum colors, attached to almost any vacuum.
Gentle Enough: its suction tubes will be gentle enough to glide around small keys and buttons without damaging them.
No pre-cleaning required: won’t need to partake in any of this pre-cleaning, grab all the dust around any objects without sucking them up.
Useful in car: it’ll clean under seats, between seats, around the gearshift and any other interior location in which dust and dirt may have accumulated.

Mostly important,lifetime warranty.

Product Features

  • Cyclonic Suction Power and Special Design: Tripsky Universal Vacuum Attachment, ultra powerful suction Dust Brush Cleaner Dirt Remover, a special dust removal tool, 30 hoses designed to remove the place where vacuum cleaner plug can’t reach, such as Vents, Air conditioner, Computer, Keyboard, TV, Car, Crafts, Drawers, Plant, Rattan
  • High Quality: Micro-size suction tubes is made of soft, high-quality plastic. High-quality hose will not break easily. It is durable to ensures that the dust brush will not fall off during using.
  • Made Your Housework Easy: It’s mini and compact to reach every corner of the room. You can take away the hair and crumbs, say goodbye to the dirt in the corners.
  • lifetime customer service: Tripsky Brush Cleaner Dirt Remover is easy to carry and store, perfect for car and home cleaning. If you have any questions about Tripsky products, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to get your satisfaction.
  • Pay Attention To: It doesn’t work for the new Dyson and Hoover. If you don’t konw the size, please feel free contact us by email. In near future,we will add the adapter work for Dyson and Hoover. And you can wait update version. Mostly important,lifetime warranty.