Cen-Tec Systems 90298 Central Vacuum Direct Connect Electric Hose, 30-Feet

The 90298 is an individually packed 30 Ft. (9M) electric hose with direct connect wall end and chrome locking stub tube. The hose is often known as a XZ9231 and features soft grip handle with flush cord management system. Our family of 4-wire hoses is high quality, resulting in no kinks and great suction to go along with the excellent flexibility. This central vacuum hose connects to the wall via a “direct connect” connection. There is a high quality 30 foot knit hose sock installed on the vacuum hose.

Product Features

  • Includes a soft-grip handle with a great ergonomic feel
  • Includes an installed 30 foot knit hose sock; which protects furnishings from scratches from the hose
  • Direct Connect Configuration for Electrified Wall Inlet Valve
  • It will only work with two prong powerhead plug. Please ask to ensure compatibility.
  • Current version of upper wand maybe required for your Powerhead.